1. How do I get stated?

Just pick a package where we’ll ask you a few questions or if you’re not sure, contact us for more information or to ask our team how we can help you

2. Will you actually build my site?

Yes, we cover everything from the initial design and build to the hosting, updates, maintenance, security and more. Our job is to make your business thrive

3. What are "Updates"?

A number of updates are included in every package. Whether it’s tweaking content, adding images, uploading blog posts or just simple updates to conform to the latest web-standards, we’ve got you covered

4. How long do you take to build a website

Over the past 20 years we’ve developed a 6-step process that reduces the amount of time it takes to build and get a website live. That said, every website is different and we won’t go live until you’re completely happy

5. What is a responsive website?

Responsive refers to the ability for a website to look great on all devices. Whether your visitors are coming from desktop, tablet or mobile, all our sites are optimised for the best performance

6. What hosting do you use?

We host all our websites on their own WordPress optimised VPC with resources guaranteed so your visitors always get the best experience possible.

7. Will my website be backed up?

Absolutely, every week we’ll backup your website for two very important reasons. Firstly, if you ever need to roll back to a previous version, we can do that quickly and secondly, if the worst were ever to happen, we can restore your website to it’s original condition in just a few clicks

8. How much are your SSL certificates

They are absolutely free. For every website we build and host, we install an SSL certificate to give your visitors confidence and ensure your website confirms to the latest standard

9. Will my site be secure?

Security is our number one priority. Not only do we lock down your server instance to stop hackers but we constantly monitor all the traffic coming to your website to ensure, as much as possible, that the worst never happens. If it does, with our backups and snapshots, we’ll get you back online quickly.

10. Will my website be slow?

Absolutely not, we run regular speed tests on all our servers and ensure there are no website elements blocking a site from being visible online quickly for your visitors. Hummingbird Pro, which comes free with all our packages, will ensure your website is always the best it can be

11. Does your package include SEO?

Yes and no. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a 2-part process covering things on your website and things off. What we do cover with our SmartCrawl Pro tool is to ensure that your website covers everything the search engines want to see, be it image compressions, title tags, readable content and more. However, for the full SEO experience you’ll need regular content and lots of off-site work that only a professional SEO agency would cover.

12. Can we update our own website?

Of course, all our websites are built on top of the most powerful CMS (Content Management System) WordPress. We’ll get you setup, give you training and provide easy to follow videos on how you can keep all your content up to date and publish any blog posts you’d like to upload

13. Can I see who's coming to my website?

You can. We integrate tools from Google to allow you to not only manage and see the visitors linked to your Google Analytics account but manage other services by Google such as Search Console and more

14. Are there any contracts?

No. We’ve never needed to tie our customers in so you are free to leave whenever you like. All our packages are paid for monthly in advance and so if you ever need to stop, we can turn off your service at the end of your current billing period.

15. Can I get a discount for paying for a whole year?

Unfortunately not, we don’t ask or want any of our clients to feel tied in. Our aim is to continually add more features to our service all wrapped up into that one monthly price.

16. Do you write the content for the site?

We’re not professional content writers and so we prefer you to supply the content and images. That said, if you’re completely stuck and happy to leave it to us, we’ll get stuck in and do what we need to get you online fast. You can always change content later if you would like either by asking us to do it as part of your monthly changes or yourself through the CMS platform

17. Do you provide a domain name (URL)?

We don’t and that for a very good reason. We believe your domain name should be completely separate from your website provider so you retain complete ownership. We can help you register a domain in your own name and when it comes to going live, our team are on hand to help you get that done.

18. Do you provide email addresses?

Just like domain names, email accounts should be separate. We can point you in the right direction depending on your needs and usual recommend services like Google Gsuite for small businesses because of the range of services included.

19. Do your prices increase?

It is possible for prices to increase but we do 2 things to protect our customers. Firstly we fix our prices for every client to at least 12 months, secondly we promise our prices will only ever rise by the Retail Prices Index (RPI) and this is decided each April.

20. Are there any setup fees

No, we don’t charge you a penny until you’re happy with your website and ready to push live. We know how good we are and very few clients ever change their mind once they’ve seen how we work. Of course, if you do change your mind after signing up that’s fine

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